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Dr. Angeles Valdes, DPM

Dearest Patients:

This letter is to inform you that I will be retiring from our practice on December 30th 2022. You do not have anything to worry about because I am leaving you in the gifted hands of my partner for 20 years Dr. AnnMarie Kulekowskis. Many of you know her well as Dr. K.

It is very important that you continue to receive podiatric care. Your medical records will be transferred to Dr. Kulekowskis at her new address and phone number. You have the option of continuing your podiatric care with Dr. K or continuing your podiatric care with another podiatrist of your choice. I highly recommend without reservations that you stay with the clinical excellence, expertise and experience that Dr. Kulekowskis has shared with me for 20 years in our practice. Dr. K is an exceedingly knowledgeable physician that has talented hands. She is kind and compassionate resulting in the best physician for you. It is very important that you continue with your podiatric treatment as scheduled because of your medical conditions.

This letter is to notify you that not only am I retiring but that Dr. AnnMarie Kulekowskis will be moving the practice located at 3632 N Western, Chicago, Illinois 60618 as of 12/31/22. Dr. K will continue to see patients at our new office location at Humboldt Park Health (Norwegian American Hospital): 1044 N Francisco POB #203 Chicago, Illinois 60622.

Your medical records will be transferred to our new office location. If you wish to have a copy of your records sent to another podiatrist, you will need to sign the enclosed medical record release form and send to 3632 N Western, Chicago Illinois 60618 post marked no later than 12/15/22. Your records will be available at the new office location at Humboldt Park Health in January 2023. The phone number for our Drs. Valdes and Kulekowskis Podiatry will remain 773-248-4111.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to provide you with podiatric care all these years. I wish you continuing health and wellness. I cannot thank you enough for your support all these wonderful years. I am retiring with content and pride knowing that the legacy of compassionate, patient centered podiatric care will be carried through by Dr. AnnMarie Kulekowskis. I know that you will extend the same courtesy to Dr. K that you gave me. I will miss our happy clinic visits times! Please take care always!

Angeles Valdes, DPM

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